Robust Safeguard Against Data Loss & Business Downtime

Tape restores take hours. How much does it cost your business to be down for hours? QMirror DR (Disaster Recovery) maintains a live recovery server that is ready to undertake the production role whenever needed. Role-swapping to the target server has never been easier. The only thing you need to do after an unplanned outage is to choose “Start Recovery” from the command list.

QMirror DR is built on IBM i remote journaling to ensure replication reliability and integrity. Support wide-range OS versions from V5R4 up to the latest 7.x. With QMirror DR, you no longer need to wait till the save window for tape-based backup. You can also use QMirror DR to maintain compliance with regulations that demand recovery plans to assure access to critical information in case of a disaster.

QMirror BK helps you back up your AS/400 (iSeries, System i, IBM i) changed data and objects to an on-site or off-site (remote) PC server of your choice in real-time. This revolutionary solution is built on our exclusive ADRT technology, which powers our QMirror DB ﹣ real-time conversion solution between IBM DB2 for i and PC databases ﹣ for 15 years. It supports a wide range of OS versions from V5R4 up to the latest 7.x.

With QMirror BK, you could develop a DR-level recovery strategy without shouldering the expense of a recovery server and DR solution. When an unplanned outage strikes, you’ll be able to restore your data and objects to the failover point.

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