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IBM i (AS/400) data availability solutions

If you're looking to migrate your data from IBM DB2 for i (AS/400 DB2) to PC databases, look no further than our real-time data download/replication solution. Our software offers a simple, fast, and cost-effective way to seamlessly move your data to a variety of PC databases, including MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, MariaDB, Postgres SQL, LUW DB2, MaxDB, and Tibero. Whether you want to store your data on PC servers or in the cloud with AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, our solution makes it a breeze. Plus, you can access your data in real-time without worrying about any production impact.

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Industry: Automotive

TMP is the largest automotive company in the country, with the widest vehicle line- up of 21 Toyota models. It has 71 dealers nationwide, including Lexus Manila, Inc., for its sales distribution and service centers.

“We are very satisfied with the product and the support you have given us regarding our data migration project.

Your responses are very prompt with technical details we can quickly implement on our end, which included the pro-activeness to handle our concern regarding index creation.

We hope to continue with your usual support and assistance.”

Jovie Jagolino
Specialist/Programmer, Toyota Motor Philippines

Industry: Food

The B&J group is a leading national supplier of various food products including meat, sausages and fresh ready-meals to major supermarket chains and food services groups.

“To progress B&J’s IT strategy required a migration of our on-premise INFOR M3 ERP, based on DB2 (IBM i-Series) system, to AWS private cloud based on MSSQL. With a planned changeover estimated to take +2 days just for data export, uplift and import, the discovery and deployment of QMirror meant we were able to commence our data migration weeks before, confirm with test data, then migrate our production environment the week before Easter go-live. 

The result was that our Easter change-over focused on functionality, integrations and interfaces, knowing that the underlying data was a 100% copy of our on-premise data. Commencing Good Friday morning, we had completed our entire cutover plan within 2 days, being able to hand the ERP back to the business ahead of schedule.

QMirror’s excellent and timely support leading up to our Easter cut-over, was crucial in our decision to proceed with this critical step in our IT strategy. Knowing we could replicate data ahead of time ensured we completed our migration project with minimal business disruption.”

Ben Taboada
Group IT Manager, Beak & Johnston Group, Australia

Get Started in Minutes

QMirror DB is designed to be easy to implement, with no AS/400 specialty required. You can set up and configure the software on your own in just a few minutes, without the need for extensive training or technical expertise. Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming data syncing processes and hello to seamless, effortless data integration with QMirror DB.

Unicode and DBCS Support

QMirror DB supports Unicode and Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) languages, ensures that you receive accurate data in all languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for manual data conversion, improving data quality and efficiency. Trust in QMirror DB to handle all of your data migration needs.

Tiny Footprint on AS/400 and PC Server​

QMirror DB is designed to have a minimal footprint on both AS/400 and PC servers, with no agent installation required on the AS/400 server and pre-installation only required on the Windows server. With a size under 150 MB, QMirror DB is the only application you need to install, making it a hassle-free option for data migration.​

QMirror DB, with a size of 150 MB, is the only application you need to install. Since it demands tiny system resources, you can install it on the target database server.

Industry: Textile

Pacific Textiles Ltd is a leading manufacturer of customized knitted fabric in textile industry. It has collaborated closely with apparel brand owners to design fabrics that meet customized order particulars.

“I am writing a few words to thank and appreciate your company support. I highly appreciated the work that your team has provided our company, as well as the necessary resource to get our own business going.

QMirror is a good software to synchronize database from AS400 to other PC platforms. It was easy for us to use from the very start. Because QMirror is easy to use and intuitive, we’re able to back up our old ERP database.

I would like to thank the QMirror support team who are supporting our company issue. They are always responsive to any question I have. They keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. 

Thank you, again, for fitting us in at the last minute and getting us back up and running so quickly.”

David Choi
IT Support Manager, Pacific Textiles Holdings Ltd., Hong Kong

Auto-Buildup Indexes​

With QMirror DB, you can easily build indexes for your PC databases from AS/400 logical files. Simply enter the AS/400 library name, and QMirror DB will retrieve all related logical files in the library to automatically build up indexes for tables on the target PC database. This powerful feature saves you time and effort by automating the indexing process, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks for your business.​

Auto-Data Synchronization Verification

Our advanced data replication technology automatically performs synchronization checks of record counts and numeric fields between AS/400 DB2 and the target database. You can even schedule verification times for specified tables to ensure maximum data integrity. With QMirror DB, you can rest assured that your data is always reliable and up-to-date, allowing you to make informed business decisions with confidence.

Data Consistency 100%

Industry: Information Technology

ComActivity are a leading provider of enterprise software and services for the end-to-end supply chain. With a head office in Sydney, the company deliver solutions to leading organizations throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Recently our company was engaged to help one of our customers migrate their on premise server architecture to the AWS cloud. This migration involved not just taking the server architecture and putting it into the cloud, but also migrating their ERP system off a DB2 Database running on ISeries and moving it to SQL Server running on Windows.

With the Data Migration services offered within AWS unable to connect to DB2 on an Iseries, we had to go to the market place to see if we could find software that would cater for such a migration. Hence QMirror was recommended and it ended up becoming a crucial piece of software to make the migration possible.

Whilst in the early stages the QMirror software needed some tweaking in terms of functionality, the team at QMirror turned around the changes so fast and released a stable version within no time at all. Their response to my requests with the issues I was facing were fast and helpful.

We were able to achieve for the customer a full migration of data from on premise to cloud infrastructure in a near perfect manner, thanks to the software QMirror.

Russel Kropp
Solutions Architect, ComActivity, Australia

Clients Reviews

What Our Clients Say?

At QMirror, we're proud to have helped businesses from a wide range of industries and countries achieve their data replication goals with our reliable, cost-effective solutions. Our clients have consistently praised our easy-to-use software, which enables real-time replication from IBM i to a variety of other platforms, including PC databases and cloud servers.

But we're more than just a software provider - we're a team of IBM i experts who are committed to helping our clients succeed. When you choose QMirror, you can trust that you're backed by a team that cares about your success and satisfaction. With over 18 year of experience and a track record of happy clients, you can feel confident that QMirror is the right choice for your data replication or migration needs. Read more >>

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OS/400  OS400 V5, IBM i V5R4, 6.x, 7.1 and above

PC Database MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL, MariaDB, Postgres SQL, LUW DB2, MaxDB, Tibero

Windows OS  Windows 7, 8, 10 and above, Windows Server 2012 and above

Hardware minimum CPU P5 / RAM 128MB / HD 200MB required

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