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SKY Cable Corporation

Industry: Telecommunications

SKY Cable Corporation is the pay television and broadband arm of ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ leading media and entertainment company. As of January 2017, the company had 1.4 million customers across the country.

“QMirror as a product is easy to configure. You just need to setup the journaling in iSeries and the tables to be mirrored, and you can forget about it since it can re-download and resync the tables automatically if it encounters an issue.

We have implemented it in all major DBs, such as MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and MS SQL.

For their support, we can easily get reply via email whenever we have inquiries.”

El Nino Estacio
IT Manager, Philippines

National Association of Credit Management (NACM)

Industry: Credit Information Technology

B2B credit services including NACM Local Credit Report, Experian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet national credit reports.

“We were in need of a solution that provided minimal mirroring delay, support for multiple platforms and robust performance while using few system resources. QMirror has surpassed all other software we have tested and meets all these needs with amazing consistency and reliability.

I‘m pleased with Middleware Technologies’ product and find great comfort in their ability to provide support in a very timely manner. I would recommend QMirror to anyone who desires a solid solution for AS/400 mirroring.”

Jason R. Eisenmenger

Toyota Motor Philippines

Industry: Automotive

TMP is the largest automotive company in the country, with the widest vehicle line- up of 21 Toyota models. It has 71 dealers nationwide, including Lexus Manila, Inc., for its sales distribution and service centers.

“We are very satisfied with the product and the support you have given us regarding our data migration project.

Your responses are very prompt with technical details we can quickly implement on our end, which included the pro-activeness to handle our concern regarding index creation.

We hope to continue with your usual support and assistance.”

Jovie Jagolino
Specialist/Programmer, Philippines

Central National-Gottesman Inc.

Industry: Pulp, Paper, Metal, Packaging and Forest Products

Central National-Gottesman Inc. is one of the world's largest distributors of pulp, paper, packaging, tissue, newsprint and plywood.

“I needed a product that would replicate my AS/400 databases to MySQL databases on my Windows servers.

I evaluated several products, some costing four times the cost of QMirror. QMirror was able to perform just as well as the higher-priced products. QMirror was easy to set up and has a small footprint on the AS/400 and my PC server.

Middleware Technologies’ support staff was very helpful in answering any questions and welcomed any suggestions I have made. I wholly recommend QMirror for any AS/400 to PC data replication needs.”

Sang-Wan Yoon
Senior Technical Support Analyst, USA

Reka Kemi Oy / Reka Rubber Ltd.

Industry: Manufacturing

Reka Ltd. is a 110 years old Finnish company. Reka is specialized in OEM rubber products that are made according to customer’s requests. Reka has hundreds of leading customers in EU-area that are very demanding, such as Volvo and Scania. Altogether Reka and partners have more than 2,000 employees.

“QMirror has proven to be a viable solution for mirroring data from our AS/400 based ERP system into the Windows database. 

Middleware Technologies’ product support has been operating at a prestigious level.”

“QMirror on tuotantokytss osoittautunut toimivaksi ratkaisuksi AS/400-pohjaisen toiminnanohjausjrjestelmmme tietojen peilaukseen windows tietokantaan.

Middleware Technologies:n tuotetuki on toiminut kiitettvll tasolla.”

Jyri Myllymki
IT Manager, Finland

Madusari Foods

Industry: Food

Madusari Foods since its inception in 1995 has been committed to providing various value-added, nutritious, and affordable processed meat products. The company has flagship products marketed under the trademarks KIMBO, VIGO, and FINO in Indonesia.

“I am pleased to say that QMirror is the solution we actually need. Our reporting speed is significantly improved.

Your team was very supportive during implementation and still now.

Now QMirror is live in one of our business unit and still in progress of others.

We are happy using QMirror.”

Rudy Hartono
IT Infrastructure Manager, Indonesia

Aldridge Inc.

Industry: Construction

With $500 Million in annual revenue and over 65 years of experience completing complex infrastructure projects, Aldridge is widely recognized as one of the leading contractors in USA.

“QMirror far exceeded my expectations. The installation was very simple and quick. Your customer support is the best I have experienced. 

Your staff is always there, and problems are usually resolved in less than twenty-four hours. We recently went through an upgrade to our core iSeries application, and it resulted in some problems with QMirror. I emailed your support staff at 10:30 PM and received a response by 11:15 PM. 

Since its original installation, you have significant value-added changes to the application. Keep up the good work. It is greatly appreciated.”

Jim Okkerse
Senior Application Systems Architect, USA

Bay Ltd.

Industry: Construction

As one of the largest full-service multi-discipline construction, fabrication, and maintenance contractors in the United States, Bay Ltd. has earned its place as one of the most trusted names in the business.

“QMirror has made it simple to access our data.

It is fast with very low to no impact to our users. Support is quick to respond and resolve any issue you might have. It’s a great product and cost-effective.

Thank you, QMirror.”

Orlando Torres
Data Analytics Manager, USA

ecs, a Parsons Electric LLC Company

Industry: Construction

Parsons Electric Co provides electrical services. The Company offers electrical construction, services, and technology services.

“Support is everything.

I had my questions answered with a day, and when complications arose, the QMirror support team walked through the steps and even made an update to their documentation per my issue. End to end in under 1 week. 

This is the level of support I look for in a company.”

Jon Roloff
Senior Project Manager, USA

Crédit Municipal

Industry: Banking

In France, Crédit Municipal is both communal public establishment and banking-type business that has a monopoly on pawnbroking and practice other banking activities.

“I’m the IT director of Crédit Municipal. I accidentally discovered QMirror, and this tool has revolutionized my IS.

Indeed, for any IS using an iSeries it becomes more and more complicated to find skills in development on this machine. However, the AS/400 is very reliable, and it is sometimes impossible to migrate from a machine. 

QMirror is amazingly simple and works perfectly without ever being forced to intervene. In a few minutes, we set up an almost real-time powering of a MySQL database, which becomes the image of the AS/400 BDD, and it then becomes very easy to support developments on a MySQL BDD.

I’ll no longer be able to do anything without QMirror. Finally, the support is flawless both in the quality of the responses and in the responsiveness. I recommend QMirror 200%.”

“Je suis directeur informatique du Crédit Municipal. J’ai découvert par hasard QMirror et cet outil a révolutionné mon SI.

En effet, pour tout SI qui utilise un iSeries il devient de plus en plus compliqué de trouver des compétences en développement sur cette machine. Pour autant les AS/400 sont très fiables et il est parfois impossible de migrer de machine.

QMirror est d’une simplicité enfantine et fonctionne parfaitement sans jamais que l’on soit contraint d’intervenir. En quelques minutes on met en place une alimentation quasi temps réel d’une base Mysql qui devient l’image de la BDD AS/400 et il devient alors très facile d’appuyer des développements sur une BDD Mysql.

Je ne pourrai plus me passer de QMirror. Enfin le support est irréprochable tant dans la qualité des réponses que dans la réactivité. Je recommande à 200%.”

Jérôme Perrault
IT Director, France

VEDAN Enterprise Corporation

Industry: Consumer Product

Vedan Enterprise Corp. produces amino acid products. The Company manufactures and sells health products, fast food, spices and other products. Vedan Enterprise markets its products throughout Taiwan.

“If you want a simple, convenient, and easy-to-configure AS/400 to PC database real-time data replication software, you must not miss QMirror!

You only need to tell QMirror where the server is and which Library/Table to synchronize, and QMirror will handle all the rest. Moreover, the performance of QMirror will surprise you! Imagine that you can easily and quickly sync AS/400 data to a PC database without installing any software on AS/400. You don’t need to worry about the performance of AS/400, because QMirror has almost no loading on AS/400 when synchronizing data. Enjoy the convenience brought by QMirror as you are going to have a lot of time to discuss how to apply data, how to write programs, etc.

After our evaluation, there is no other solution in the market that can exceed the cost-effectiveness of QMirror. QMirror is a highly recommended AS/400 synchronization and backup software.”




經過我們的評估,市面上應該沒有任何一項產品可以超越QMirror的效益比。QMirror是一套非常值得推薦的AS/400資料庫同步及備份軟體 – 湯文宗,資訊部網管組組長,味丹企業股份有限公司”

Wen-Zong Tang
IT Department Network Management Leader, Taiwan

CNC Holding B.V.

Industry: Production

CNC is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of substrates for mushroom growing.

“Since several years, the company CNC is making use of QMirror. With QMirror we can very easily replicate AS/400-tables out of different libraries to MS SQL Server databases.

We are using several other applications with their own MS SQL server databases. The results of the QMirror transactions enable us to develop (very easily, integrated and similarly) queries, views, data-warehouses, and so on, across all these databases. Without having to use separate tools just in order to integrate the AS/400 information into these queries, views or data-warehouses.

The data integrity between AS/400 and MS SQL Server database has proven to be very reliable. Disturbances with QMirror are very rare. But when it occurs, then the helpdesk of QMirror responds and acts in a quick way.”

Piet Hanen
Information Analyst, Netherlands

Beak & Johnston Group

Industry: Food

The B&J group is a leading national supplier of various food products including meat, sausages, and fresh ready-meals to major supermarket chains and food services groups.

To progress B&J’s IT strategy required a migration of our on-premise INFOR M3 ERP, based on the DB2 (IBM i-Series) system, to AWS private cloud based on MSSQL. With a planned changeover estimated to take +2 days just for data export, uplift, and import, the discovery and deployment of QMirror meant we were able to commence our data migration weeks before, confirm with test data, then migrate our production environment the week before Easter go-live.

The result was that our Easter change-over focused on functionality, integrations, and interfaces, knowing that the underlying data was a 100% copy of our on-premise data. Commencing Good Friday morning, we had completed our entire cutover plan within 2 days, being able to hand the ERP back to the business ahead of schedule.

“QMirror’s excellent and timely support leading up to our Easter cut-over was crucial in our decision to proceed with this critical step in our IT strategy. Knowing we could replicate data ahead of time ensured we completed our migration project with minimal business disruption.”

Ben Taboada
Group IT Manager, Australia

Pacific Textiles Holdings Ltd.

Industry: Textile

Pacific Textiles Ltd is a leading manufacturer of customized knitted fabric in textile industry. It has collaborated closely with apparel brand owners to design fabrics that meet customized order particulars.

“I am writing a few words to thank and appreciate your company support. I highly appreciated the work that your team has provided our company, as well as the necessary resource to get our own business going.

QMirror is a good software to synchronize database from AS400 to other PC platforms. It was easy for us to use from the very start. Because QMirror is easy to use and intuitive, we’re able to back up our old ERP database.

I would like to thank the QMirror support team who are supporting our company issue. They are always responsive to any question I have. They keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. 

Thank you, again, for fitting us in at the last minute and getting us back up and running so quickly.”

David Choi
IT Support Manager, Hong Kong


Industry: Information Technology

ComActivity are a leading provider of enterprise software and services for the end-to-end supply chain. With a head office in Sydney, the company deliver solutions to leading organizations throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Recently our company was engaged to help one of our customers migrate their on premise server architecture to the AWS cloud. This migration involved not just taking the server architecture and putting it into the cloud, but also migrating their ERP system off a DB2 Database running on ISeries and moving it to SQL Server running on Windows.

With the Data Migration services offered within AWS unable to connect to DB2 on an Iseries, we had to go to the market place to see if we could find software that would cater for such a migration. Hence QMirror was recommended and it ended up becoming a crucial piece of software to make the migration possible.

Whilst in the early stages the QMirror software needed some tweaking in terms of functionality, the team at QMirror turned around the changes so fast and released a stable version within no time at all. Their response to my requests with the issues I was facing were fast and helpful.  

We were able to achieve for the customer a full migration of data from on premise to cloud infrastructure in a near perfect manner, thanks to the software QMirror.

Russel Kropp
Solutions Architect, Australia
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