(330) Configure QMirror/DB

1. Prepare data for configuration


2. Start configuration by c:\QMirrorDB\qmirror.bat

3. Accept the terms of the license agreement

Do you accept the terms of the license agreement? (y/N/q) y

4. AS400 IP Address or Hostname

5. AS400 User ID

6. QMirror Working Library (default is ‘QMIRROR’) p.s. QMirror saves work files in working library

7. Select Target Database Server

Target Database Server:
1 – MaxDB
2 – Oracle
3 – MS SQL Server
4 – MySQL or MariaDB
5 – PostgreSQL
6 – Azure SQL
7 – LUW DB2
8 – Tibero
Your option is (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/q) 

8. Target Database Instance Name

9. Target Database IP Address or Hostname

10. Target Database Connection Port

11. Target Database Administrator ID

12. Target Database Prefix

13. Target Database Character Data Type

14. Target Database Natural Number Data Type

15. Enter QMirror/DB License Key

16. Select Character Set

AS400 Conversion Character Set: (1-ASCII 2-DBCS/Unicode 3-Others) 

17. Set Default CCSID if the Character Set is DBCS/Unicode

18. Apply AS400 Alternative Field Name

19. Message handling 

Email Messages: (N-None S-Suspended E-Suspended and Error W-Suspended, Error and Warning) e
Email Message for Suspended and Error (y/N/q) y

Email Address: (E.g. webmaster@qmirror.com, john@abc.com) xxx@xxx.com
Email Address is xxx@xxx.com (y/N/q) y

Sending a test mail to xxx@xxx.com…
The test mail was sent successfully.

20. Configuration Description 

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