(380) Upgrade QMirror/DB

Upgrade QMirror/DB is easy. All existing data on the target PC database are safe. No re-configuration is needed.

Step 1. Stop QMirror/DB by taking Ctrl-C or command option 2

Step 2. Uninstall QMirror/DB from Windows server by c:\QMirrorDB\uninstall.exe

Step 3. Uninstall QMirror/DB service by c:\QMirrorDBService\uninstall.exe

Step 4. Download the latest version of QMirror/DB from www.qmirror.com/download

Step 5. Install QMirror/DB

Step 6. Install QMirror/DB service

Step 7. Start QMirror/DB instance ROOT by c:\QMirrorDB\run_qmirror.bat

Step 8. Start QMirror/DB other instances by c:\QMirrorDB\run_qmirror_xxxx.bat

Step 9. Or, start QMirror/DB Service by launching ‘Services’ from the Windows
‘Control Panel / Administrative Tools’

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