(400) Normal running QMirror/DB

Start QMirror/DB instance ROOT by c:\QMirrorDB\run_qmirror.bat or start QMirror DB other instances by c:\QMirrorDB\run_qmirror_xxxx.bat on a Windows command prompt.

To execute a QMirror/DB instance, take command option 1 – ‘Start instance xxxx’.

QMirror/DB x.x.x (released in 20xx/xx) command list (xxxx):
1 – Start instance xxxx
3 – Re-configuration
4 – Build up table list from AS400 physical files
5 – Build up indexes from AS400 logical files
7 – Re-download selected tables
8 – Start / End AS400 journaling
E – Build up views from AS400 views
K – Change license key
P – Performance check
U – Uninstall QMirror/DB
Q – Quit
Your option is (1/3/4/5/7/8/E/K/P/U/Q) 1 

Now as QMirror/DB starts to download and replicate data from AS400 into the target database, the table name on the target database will be <library.file_member>. If the member name were identical to the file name, the target database table name would be <library.file>.

A faster way to execute QMirror/DB is to use batch programs. Batch programs named ‘run_qmirror.bat’ for instance ROOT and ‘run_qmirror_xxxx.bat’ for other instances are auto-created in the QMirror/DB directory. Follow the instruction in the batch programs to preset all the parameters needed by QMirror/DB. You can get all the encrypted data from QMirror/DB console displayed under the interactive mode.

Notes: QMirror/DB keeps the last workable run_qmirror.bat into run_qmirror.bat.ba2, or run_qmirror_xxxx.bat into run_qmirror_xxxx.bat.ba2 automatically, so there is no need to re-edit run_qmirror.bat or run_qmirror_xxxx.bat again after upgrading QMirror/DB.

Windows 10 has a new feature ‘Quick Edit Mode’, which halts the application process when users click on a command prompt. This new feature may halt QMirror. Please refer to Why is my command prompt freezing on Windows 10?

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