(540) Define hidden fields in the target database

If you have some fields on AS400 files that are sensitive to share with users who are using the PC database, you can hide them up in the target database. For example, salary. It is approached by system table QMIRROR.ZHDFLD. Please refer to (A40) Hidden fields master (ZHDFLD) for table structure and field comments.

Insert records into QMIRROR.ZHDFLD for specified library / file / field of AS400 before downloading files. QMirror/DB won’t replicate the fields defined in ZHDFLD.

If you are applying AS400 alternative filed name, use AS400 original filed name to edit QMIRROR.ZHDFLD.


After maintaining QMIRROR.ZHDFLD, you need to re-download the files which you updated. Please refer to (430) Re-download specified AS400 table manually.

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