(550) Multiple AS400s / PC database servers configurations

QMirror/DB supports replication from multiple AS400 servers to multiple PC database servers. You can use it to consolidate data from multiple AS400s for analytics or analysis. Or split data from a single AS400 to multiple PC databases for widely applications.

Every configuration has a unique ID in QMirror/DB. The first configuration ID is named as ‘ROOT’. Use command option 3 – ‘Re-configuration’ to add new configurations into QMirror/DB.

The PC database name in QMirror/DB for secondary configurations will be put a prefix before AS400 library name.

For example, if the second configuration ID is ‘EAST’, then the PC database name will be:

        System database – EAST_QMIRROR
        Library LIBA – EAST_LIBA (default, could be changed at configuration)

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