(A10) AS400 table master (ZAMTBF)

Field NameKeyData TypeDescription
TBLIBKCHAR(10)AS400 library name
TBOBJKCHAR(10)AS400 file name
TBMBRKCHAR(10)AS400 member name
TBFMTCHAR(10)Record format
TBREPLCHAR(1)To be replicated
TBJLIBCHAR(10)Journal library
TBJNAMCHAR(10)Journal name
TBFLDNNUMBER(5,0)Number of fields
TBRLENNUMBER(5,0)Record length
TBTXTCHAR(50)AS400 file text
TBDWFGCHAR(1)Download flag
Refer to (490) Learn QMirror/DB table status
TBPRTYNUMBER(2,0)Download priority
TBLOBCHAR(1)Large object (LOB) processing
Refer to (480) Large object (LOB) processing
TBMAXRNUMBER(10,0)Total records
TBDLTRNUMBER(10,0)Deleted records
TBDSCHNUMBER(4,0)Download schedule code
Refer to (430) Re-download AS400 table manually
TBSQLWTEXTSelected download SQL WHERE clause
Refer to (580) Selected download
TBNDDTNUMBER(8,0)Next download date
TBNDTMNUMBER(6,0)Next download time
TBDWDTNUMBER(8,0)Last download date
TBDWTMNUMBER(6,0)Last download time
TBSTSCHAR(1)Table status
E – Error occurred for this table
TBVRFYCHAR(1)Verification flag
TBLIASCHAR(1)Override alternative field name configuration
Y – Apply alternative field name
N – Not apply alternative field name
blank – By configuration setting
TBVRDTNUMBER(8,0)Last verification date
TBVRTMNUMBER(6,0)Last verification time

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