(A80) System control file (ZSERVR)

Field NameKeyData TypeDescription
ZVERNOCHAR(10)QMirror/DB version number
ZSVRIDCHAR(4)Configuration ID
ROOT – Primary configuration
Refer to (550) Multiple AS400s / PCs configurations
ZPTYPECHAR(1,0)Target database type
ZPINSTCHAR(30)Target database instance name
ZPTPIPCHAR(30)Target database IP address
ZPPORTCHAR(10)Target database connection port
ZPUSERCHAR(30)Target database user ID
ZPPRFXCHAR(4)Target database prefix
ZATPIPCHAR(30)AS400 IP address
ZAUSERCHAR(10)AS400 user name
ZSLKEYCHAR(31)QMirror/DB license key
ZACHARCHAR(10)Database character set
ZAJBPRCHAR(2,0)AS400 job priority
ZXDLJBCHAR(2,0)Maximum download threads
ZMSIZECHAR(5,0)Optimum mirror block size
ZJBLOGCHAR(10)Log flags
ZMLMSGCHAR(1)Email option
N – None
S – Suspend only
E – Error messages
W – Error and warning messages
ZMADDRCHAR(128)Email address
ZMRDLNCHAR(5,0)Maximum record length
ZJMRDTCHAR(8,0)Replication cutoff date
ZJMRTMCHAR(6,0)Replication cutoff time 
ZJRCHECHAR(1)Journal caching 
ZALIASCHAR(1)Use AS400 alternative field name
ZDESCCHAR(50)Configuration description
Refer to (520) Create index in the target database

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