(A90) SQL statement master (ZTBSQL)

Field NameKeyData TypeDescription
ZQNDXKNUMBER(9,0)Record index
ZQBOACHAR(1)C/B/A-before or after table creation
A – Execute AFTER the table is downloaded
– Execute BEFORE the table starts downloading
C – Execute BEFORE the table is created
ZQKEYTEXTBinding table list, separates by semicolon
ZQSEQNUMBER(9,0)Sequence of execution
99998 – Index buildup from AS400 physical file
99999 – Indexes buildup from AS400 logical files
ZQSTSCHAR(1)Status of execution
A – Newly added by selection
E – Failed to execute SQL statement in ZQSQL
X – Omitted
Z – Success to execute SQL statement in ZQSQL
ZQPDTNUMBER(8,0)Execution date
ZQPTMNUMBER(6,0)Execution time
Refer to (520) Create index in the target database

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