(B20) Warning messages

W101QMirror/DB configuration terminated
W103QMirror/DB license will be expired at the end of this month
W104QMirror/DB command terminated
W301No table is journaling. Mirror threads disabled
W302Index list is empty. Try to build up indexes…
W303AS400 at <IP address> is not running. Will re-connect <n> minutes later.
W304AS400 field value dumping (<offset>) <library/file/member/RRN>
W305Failed to build up the replication path. Re-starting QMirror/DB
W306<library/file.field> is a reserved word. Change field name to <field>
W307AS400 journal <library/journal> is not available now. Will try again later.
W308AS400 journal <library/journal> does not exist or read error
W309Re-download <library/file/member>
W310Physical file member <library.file_member> has been deleted
W311Physical file member <library.file_member> has been moved to <new library.new file_new member>
W312Physical file member <library.file_member> has been renamed to <new library.new file_new member>
W313<library/file/member/rrn.field> has different field definition. Downloaded as <default value>
W314Replication error <library/file/member/rrn>
W315<library/file/member> verification record not match
W316It could be a lock on the <server type>
W317Slow replication speed <library/file/member>
W402<PC database type> at <IP address> is not running. Will re-connect <n> minutes later.
W403<database.table> is locked
W404<database.table> cannot be dropped. Will try again later.
W405<database.table> cannot be renamed. Will try again later.
W406<library/file/member/rrn> Library/File/Member/RRN cannot be mirrored. Will try again later.
W407ZTBSQL statement failure

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