QMirror BK

(A10) AS400 object master (ZAMTBF)

Field Name Key Data Type Description TBLIB K CHAR(10) AS400 library name TBOBJ K CHAR(10) Object name TBMBR K CHAR(10) Member name OBJTP CHAR(8) Object type OBJAT CHAR(10) Object attribute TBREPL CHAR(1) To be replicated TBJLIB CHAR(10) Journal library TBJNAM CHAR(10) Journal name TBTXT CHAR(50) Text TBDWFG CHAR(1) Object statusRefer to (460) Learn QMirror/BK transfer

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(A50) Job log file (ZJBLOG) / Job status file (ZJBSTS)

Field Name Key Data Type Description ZJTYPE CHAR(1) Log typeblank – Delay status D – Backup statusE – Error occurredR – Recovery status ZJJBID NUMBER(3,0) Job ID ZJRPDT NUMBER(8,0) Reporting date ZJRPTM NUMBER(6,0) Reporting time ZJACTN CHAR(30) Action description ZJLIB CHAR(10) AS400 library name ZJOBJ CHAR(10) AS400 file name ZJMBR CHAR(10) AS400 member name ZJDATE

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(A80) System control file (ZSERVR)

Field Name Key Data Type Description ZVERNO CHAR(10) QMirror/BK version number ZSVRID CHAR(4) Configuration ID ZRECOVERY CHAR(1) Y – recovery mode ZSYSDB CHAR(1) Separated system database ZPTPIP CHAR(30) AS400 IP address ZAUSER CHAR(10) AS400 user ID ZSLKEY CHAR(31) QMirror/BK license key ZACHAR CHAR(10) Character set ZCCSID CHAR(5) DBCS/Unicode default CCSID ZAJBPR NUMBER(2,0) AS400 job priority

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(B20) Warning messages

W101 QMirror/BK configuration terminated W103 QMirror/BK license will be expired at the end of this month W104 QMirror/BK command terminated W303 AS400 at <IP address> is not running. Will re-connect <n> minutes later.  W305 Failed to build up the replication path. Re-starting QMirror/BK. W307 AS400 journal <library/journal> is not available now. Will try again later. W308 AS400

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