(200) Install QMirror/BK

1. Download QMirror_BK_1xx.zip from https://www.qmirror.com/download

2. Uninstall QMirror/BK’s earlier version from Windows program menu list

3. Unzip, execute QMirror_BK_1xx.exe, and follow the instructions

4. A program menu ‘QMirror BK’ will be created on Windows

5. Execute QMirror/BK from program menu list

6. Or execute QMirror/BK on a DOS prompt

E.g. c:\QMirrorBK\qmirror.bat

Check QMirror/BK directory properties is necessary for some editions of Windows. Make sure all users own full control permissions of QMirror/BK directory on security folder.

Go to (210) Configure QMirror/BK

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