(210) Configure QMirror/BK

1. Accept the terms of the license agreement 

Accept the terms of the license agreement? (y/N/q) y

2. AS400 IP Address or Hostname

3. AS400 User ID

4. AS400 Working Library (default is ‘QMIRROR’)

5. QMirror/BK License Key

6. Select Character Set 

Character Set: (1-ASCII 2-DBCS/Unicode Others) 

7. Set Default CCSID if the Character Set is DBCS/Unicode

8. Maximum Transfer Threads

9. Output Queue Backup Gap

10. Message handling

Email Messages: (N-None E-Error only W-Error and Warning) e
Email Message is Error only (y/N/q) y

Email SMTP Host: xxx.com
Email SMTP Host is xxx.com (y/N/q) y

Email Address: xxx@xxx.com
admin@qmirror.com Email Address is xxx@xxx.com (y/N/q) y

Try to send a test mail to xxx@xxx.com…
The test mail was sent successfully. 

11. Configuration Description 

Go to (220) About QMirror/BK internal SQLite database

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