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(500) Prepare batch programs to execute QMirror/BK

A faster way to execute QMirror/BK is to use batch programs. 

A batch program named ‘run_qmirror_qmbk.bat’ was created in the QMirror/BK directory. Follow the instruction in ‘run_qmirror_qmbk.bat’ to preset all the parameters needed by QMirror/BK. You can get all the encrypted data from QMirror/BK console displayed under the interactive mode. 

Notes: QMirror/BK keeps the last workable run_qmirror_qmbk.bat into run_qmirror_qmbk.bat.ba2 automatically, so there is no need to re-edit run_qmirror_qmbk.bat again when you upgrade QMirror/BK to a newer version.

Go to (510) Install QMirror/BK as a Windows service

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