(510) Install QMirror/BK as a Windows service

To install QMirror/BK as a Windows service:

1. Download QMirror_BK_1xxs.zip from https://www.qmirror.com/download/

2. Uninstall the earlier QMirror/BK service from the Windows program menu list

3. Unzip, execute QMirror_BK_1xxs.exe, and follow the instructions

4. A program menu ‘QMirror BK Service’ will be created on Windows

5. Edit the preset parameters as needed in c:QMirrorBKServiceQMBK.ini

Notes: QMirror/BK service keeps the last workable QMBK.ini into QMBK.ini.ba2 automatically, so there is no need to re-edit QMBK.ini again when you upgrade QMirror/BK service to a newer version.

6. Start QMirror/BK service by launching ‘Services’ from the Windows ‘Control Panel / Administrative Tools’

Refer to (440) Get QMirror BK running log and status

Go to (520) Uninstall QMirror/BK

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