(A10) AS400 object master (ZAMTBF)

Field NameKeyData TypeDescription
TBLIBKCHAR(10)AS400 library name
TBOBJKCHAR(10)Object name
TBMBRKCHAR(10)Member name
OBJTPCHAR(8)Object type
OBJATCHAR(10)Object attribute
TBREPLCHAR(1)To be replicated
TBJLIBCHAR(10)Journal library
TBJNAMCHAR(10)Journal name
TBDWFGCHAR(1)Object status
Refer to (460) Learn QMirror/BK transfer status
TBPRTYNUMBER(2,0)Transfer priority
TBSTSCHAR(1)Object status
E – Error occurred for this object
OBSIZENUMBER(15,0)Object size
Go to (220) About QMirror/BK internal SQLite database

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