(210) Configure QMirror/DR

1. Accept the terms of the license agreement 

Accept the terms of the license agreement? (y/N/q) y

2. Source AS400 IP Address or Hostname

3. AS400 User ID

4. AS400 Working Library (default is ‘QMIRROR’)

5. Target AS400 IP Address or Hostname

6. Target AS400 User ID is ready? (must be the same as the source AS400 user ID)

7. QMirror/DR License Key

8. Select Character Set

Character Set: (1-ASCII 2-DBCS/Unicode Others) 

9. Set Default CCSID if the Character Set is DBCS/Unicode

10. Maximum Transfer Threads

11. Output Queue Backup Gap

12. Message handling

Email Messages: (N-None E-Error only W-Error and Warning) e
Email Message is Error only (y/N/q) y

Email SMTP Host: xxx.com
Email SMTP Host is xxx.com (y/N/q) y

Email Address: xxx@xxx.com
admin@qmirror.com Email Address is xxx@xxx.com (y/N/q) y

Try to send a test mail to xxx@xxx.com…
The test mail was sent successfully. 

13. Configuration Description 

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