QMirror DR

(020) Quick start

Install QMirror DR 1. Create AS400 user profiles for QMirror DR 2. Install QMirror DR 3. Configure QMirror DR 4. Simulation Test Execute QMirror DR 1. Build up library list from source AS400 libraries (command option 4)(to start journaling for physical files) 2. Save libraries from source AS400 and restore to target AS400 by tape(saving time to transfer large objects by …

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(100) Create AS400 user profiles for QMirror/DR

1. To create an AS400 user profile ‘QMIRROR’ on both source and target AS400s,enter command: CRTUSRPRF USRPRF(QMIRROR) PASSWORD(xxxxxxxx) USRCLS(*USER) SPCAUT(*ALLOBJ *JOBCTL *IOSYSCFG *SAVSYS *SECADM) PWDEXPITV(*NOMAX) 2. Or use any existing user profile which owns SPCAUT(*ALLOBJ *JOBCTL *IOSYSCFG *SAVSYS *SECADM) authority 3. Both source and target AS400s user profile must have same name password 4. The user …

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(110) Check AS400 configuration

Normally, QMirror/DR should run well under common AS400 configuration. If you have a slow replication speed, you will need to check or tune your AS400 configuration. Please refer to the following paragraphs to check with your AS400 configuration. Watch the QMirror/DR performance status and tune accordingly. 1. Use command STRTCPSVR to start FTP server and DDM server. …

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(200) Install QMirror/DR

1. Download QMirror_DR_1xx.zip from https://www.qmirror.com 2. Uninstall QMirror/DR’s earlier version from Windows program menu list 3. Unzip, execute QMirror_DR_1xx.exe, and follow the instructions 4. A program menu ‘QMirror DR’ will be created on Windows 5. Execute QMirror/DR from program menu list 6. Or execute QMirror/DR on a DOS prompt E.g. c:\QMirrorDR\qmirror.bat  Check QMirror/DR directory properties …

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(210) Configure QMirror/DR

1. Accept the terms of the license agreement  Accept the terms of the license agreement? (y/N/q) y 2. Source AS400 IP Address or Hostname 3. AS400 User ID 4. AS400 Working Library (default is ‘QMIRROR’) 5. Target AS400 IP Address or Hostname 6. Target AS400 User ID is ready? (must be the same as the …

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(220) About QMirror DR internal SQLite database

QMirror uses SQLite as its internal database. The database is located at c:\QMirrorDR\QMIRROR_DR.db  To browse or change data on SQLite database, please install ‘DB Browser for SQLite’.  For more information, please visit the website at http://sqlitebrowser.org

(300) Simulation Test

Simulation test is a well designed function for you to quickly review QMirror/DR in a few minutes. Execute Simulation Test requires QMirror/DR library list to be empty. To empty QMirror/DR library list, use command option 3 – ‘Remove libraries from library list’. Simulation test uses the following AS400 commands to build up simulation environments: CRTLIB, CRTDTAARA, …

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(400) Back up source AS400 libraries

To back up full source AS400 libraries, enter ‘Y’ during instance configuration.  Auto-select new libraries from source AS400 to target AS400? (y/N) y Any new libraries created on source AS400 except library name starts with ‘Q’ (not include QGPL) or ‘#’ will be replicated to target AS400.  Or, to back up selected libraries only on …

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(410) Exclude objects from QMirror/DR object list

If you want to exclude specified objects from QMirror/DR object list, you can change download flag TBDWFG to ‘X’ in system table QMIRROR.ZAMTBF. E.g. UPDATE QMIRROR.ZAMTBF SET TBDWFG=’X’ WHERE TBLIB=’LIBR1′ AND TBOBJ=’FILEA’ AND TBMBR=’FILEA’ QMirror/DR will end object journaling from source AS400 and drop the objects from target AS400 which TBDWFG is ‘X’. Go to …

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(420) Normal running QMirror/DR

To execute QMirror/DR on a new shell, use command option 1 – ‘Start QMirror/DR’.  QMirror/DR x.x.x (released at 20xx/xx) command list (QMDR): 1 – Start QMirror/DR 4 – Build up object list from source AS400 libraries 6 – Show select library list 7 – Show excluded object list 8 – ENDJRNPF unselected libraries K – …

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