(B10) Error messages

E001AS400 user <user> does not have the authority to execute QMirror/DR
E002Object list is empty. Please build up object list from AS400 libraries
E004Make sure the latest PTFs are applied to the AS400 server at <IP address>
E101QMirror/DR license is expired or incorrect
E103Configuration failure
E106Configuration ID <id> is incorrect
E201System control record in system table <database.table> is missed
E203QMirror/DR already started
E204Failed to start QMirror/DR
E205Target AS400 at <IP address> does not exist 
E301AS400 at <IP address> is not running
E302AS400 user password is incorrect
E303AS400 connection failure
E304<journal work file> cannot be created or has been locked
E305Mirror threads could not be fully started
E306Journal reading failure
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